Sens, Habs Comparison Guide: Recap

Sens: #11 Daniel Alfredsson fakes throwing his stick into the crowd during a Maple Leafs Game. And it was awesome.

Habs: #11 Saku Koviu Returns from battling cancer and returns to a mediocre career as a non french speaking Habs Captain.

Sens: Have a roster full of young players that just wooped your young rsoters but.

Habs: Have a roster full of young players who are nearly leading the team in points because the rest of the team sucks.

Sens: Original logo featured the flag of Canada with a backdrop of the Parliament buildings. was a barber pole black and red jersey.

Habs: later stole that barber poll design with disastrous consequences.

Sens: Won Stanley Cups like 90 years ago. And then didn't exist for 80 years so it doesn't really count.

Habs: Won Stanley cups like 90 years ago, and then in nearly every decade after that except for the last 2 when the Sens also existed.

Sens + Habs: The Radek Bonk years *cold shivers*

Habs: Took a gamble and got rid of Halak for Lars Eller who hasn't really panned out to keep now #1 Canadian goalie Carey Price

Sens: Have the current #1 Canadian goalie in Craig Anderson.




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