Sens Habs playoff Extravaganza

Sens Habs playoff series starts tonight. Cool stuff. All anyones talking about is the whole EK vs PK thing. EK who controls the game with his skating and smart plays vs PK who chews up penalty kills and spits them out (Chris Phillips has more even strength points than Subban this season). We shall see what happens.

Can Latendresse wake the fuck up against his former french team?

Apparently Michalek admitted he isnt playing at 100% so thats not good.

How do I think this series plays out? I think Ottawa has a very balanced and sizeable defence and that they will be able to control the Habs small forwards. I think the Senators forwards will need to get some ugly goals and Price and then protect leads the rest of the way. Its gonna come down to special teams really. Both teams struggling a bit on the PP recently and advanced stats suggest that the Senators league best PK is the result of good luck while the Habs shitty PK is the result of bad luck. We shall see. Habs draw alot of penalties and the Sens take alot of penalties.

Andrew Ference Elbow

I dont know what WILL happen, but im saying that Ference SHOULD get 1 game suspension for his elbow to Grabovsi, Sure Grabovski wasnt injured  but Ference blind sided an unsuspecting player and targeted his head. Bob Mckenzie said today on twitter that because Ference didnt actually make contact with his elbow and that he hit Grabo with his bicep that the only grounds for suspension is the rule 48 thing. But I say what the fuck. Ference obviously INTENDED to hit grabovski with his elbow and missed and INTENDED to hurt the guy, he obviously wasnt super concerned about just getting the puck because elbows generally dont help box out a player from the puck.

And this coming from someone who hates the leafs.

Doug Maclean

was listening to Hockeycentral at noon today and Doug doesnt seem to think anyone should ever be suspended for elbows to the head. This guy is ridiculous and I cant believe someone let him be a GM of their team. I guess it would have to be a team that also let Scott Howson operate their team. He should also be kicked off TV though cause hes an idiot.


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