Monday, December 10, 2018

My UFC 231 Recap - From The Sold Out Scotiabank Arena

Saturday night I was in Toronto for my second ever UFC event.  

I used to watch UFC back around 2009 when the sport was exploding.  I slowly lost interest until December 2016 when I attended UFC 206 in Toronto.  I again followed UFC fairly closely until 2018 when again I found myself losing interest, other than a huge fight card with Conor.  

Saturday night was interesting.  Was it overall as good of a fight card as UFC 206?  I don't think so.

The prelims were awful for a casual fan like myself.  Every fight went the distance.  The most interesting part was the first round of the first fight of the Prelim card Theodorou vs. Anders.  A fight in which Anders totally won, but Theodorou was given the hometown advantage by the judges.  

After a two hour bore fest it was time for the PPV to start.

Thiago Santos threw some wicked bombs in the first fight earning him a KO win.  

Then Canadian Hakeem Dawodu fought and won in a dud of a fight.  

Then in fight 3 Gunner Nelson split Alex Oliverira's head open with a wicked elbow and choked him out.  An interesting fight, but leading into the co-main event something really special needed to happen.  It did not. 

Shevchenko vs. Jedrzejczyk was a good technical fight which was led off with a weird walk out song of "Shallow" from A Star is Born by Jedrzejczyk. 

And then what saved the card was Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega in the main event.  Ortega took a beating!  Holloway ate a lot of shots as well, but he was much quicker and more powerful than Ortega, as Holloway basically taunted Ortega the entire fight, even telling Joe Rogan heading into the fourth round he was going to end it.  It's a shame the doctor stopped the fight but after everyone saw Ortegas eye it was pretty clear the fight wouldn't be continuing. 

Someone has uploaded the whole fight on Youtube:

Overall The UFC is a great night out with a group of friends.  The crowd is very strange, and probably has the widest of fan ranges.

Back to hockey. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Jeff Skinner An Early MVP Favorite?

  • Skinner is on pace for a point per game this season.  
  • Skinner is second in scoring on his team behind Eichel. 
  • Last season in Carolina he finished -27.  
  • He hasn't held a PLUS rating since his rookie season.
  • He is currently leading the league in +/- at 19.
  • He has 20 goals this season. Two years ago he had a career high 37.  

The Buffalo Sabres were the talk of the NHL last week with their 10 game winning streak.  Since then a handful of other teams in the East have been rolling.  They are not a team built for playoff depth, but the way Skinner has been rolling as a new addition this team should be easily able to cruise into the playoffs this spring.  

If the playoffs began today it would be a QEW series.  

The Sabres could really use a guy like Hasek for this years run.

So will Skinner win the MVP at the end of the season?  Hell no.  

If he keeps on this wicked run should he be nominated?  Absolutely. 

I Thought You Were Back?

Okay, maybe I picked a terrible time to come back to blogging.

My commute to work for the last 3.5 years has been a 500 M walk down the street.  I rarely run into any other people during this walk, and have the luxury of arriving at the exact moment I need to everyday.

This week I was shuttled off to "training" and had a 35 minute commute. While this greatly increased my podcast listening time, it took away from the joys of having spare time to throw up a blog.

Tonight is the second half of a home and home with I guess our biggest rivals of late the Ottawa Senators.  Drouin dropped this little bit of shade yesterday after practice and I love it!  You can tell the Habs dressing room is 1000% better place to be this season, and who expected playoff potential from this team that was projected to finish last.  

Tonight is a big game for the Sens.  If they win, they can get themselves into the playoff hunt down the stretch into the Christmas season.  If they lose they sit 6 points back from the Habs.  

Thinking back to the grind of last season, our holiday game against the Florida Panthers was the moment I gave up on the team.  

I think much like that game, tonight could be a pivotal point in the Senators season.  

If they give us 2 points tonight in their own barn things could spiral really quickly in Ottawa.  I mean, can this team get any "lower"?

So let's sit back and enjoy that.



Monday, December 3, 2018

Don't Panic But There Is A Write In Option For All Star Fan Voting

NHL All Star Fan voting opened today and apparently there is a write in option for Team Captain.

This should go over well.

For Montreal they have Domi and Drouin listed as possible captains.  I would have thrown Tatarrrrrrrr in there, but I'm sure there will be huge Twitter push for him anyway.  

So at this point I'm left wondering who is the most ridiculous captains we can vote for this time around? 

Atlantic Division:

Jonathan Ericsson

He's played his whole career with the Detroit Red Wings and won a cup with them in 2008.  He's 34 and with just 8 games under his belt this year only has 1 point.  A fitting send off would be to give this guy the captaincy in the Atlantic!

Metro Division:

Drew Stafford

This guy had a couple great season with the Sabres at the turn of the decade.  He was given a PTO this year and has been playing with the basement dwelling NJ Devils.  At 33 he's a senior citizen in this league.  He deserves the captaincy in the Metro!

Central Division 

Carl Gunnarsson

Canadian fans living in TO territory recognize this Swede.  For someone drafted in the 7th round he has carved out quite the career for himself.  Over 500 games played for any player is quite the accomplishment.  Give this guy the C this winter!

Pacific Division

Dion Phaneuf

This is the big one.  This guy has carved out nearly 1000 NHL games.  That's hall of fame territory for most, and with almost 500 points he will probably get in someday.  This is the big one.  This is the one I would love to see.  

Phaneuf mic'd up is always gold, but I want a write in for this guy.  He's at the tail end of his career and I think his teammates would rally around this pick.  It would be both a joke and great theater for all. 


I'm Back....Round 156087

Whoa, that was a long nap.  

Ovie Won a cup?

Vegas made the playoffs Stanley Cup Finals? 

The Montreal Canadiens are in a wild card spot in December? 

The Devils are in the basement of the East?

Edmonton still sucks?  

Since the AHL affiliate of the Ottawa Senators rink is within 25 minutes of my apartment now I get to see a lot of world class hockey.  

Here's Filip Gustavsson making the save of the year Saturday night. 

World Junior Selection Camp Roster gets named today at 1 PM.  

Hockey season has officially arrived. 


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Holy Crap The Entire KHL Season Is A Joke

I mean is this really a surprise to anyone in the hockey world?  OAR just won the Olympics because of a stupid high stick (fix?) and now this stuff is coming out about the whole KHL season being a setup for Putin's team.  

It's just so devilishly Russian that you have to appreciate it!

If Putin's desire really is to watch the world burn, maybe come to Montreal and watch a few hockey games.  Leave the rest of us out of it.