Friday, September 5, 2014

A Month Away From Hockey!!!

It has been awhile since anybody has made a post on our website and frankly I think it is about time for us to start back up and give what the people want good quality writing about NHL hockey and a little bit more.

Soon it will be the start of another hockey season and boy am I looking forward to it and so should all you Canuck fans as well.  With the team looking different this year than last I can really see the potential in what the Canucks will have to offer this year.  With the addition of Ryan Miller in goal i think the Canucks have just a good of a shot as any other team in the league to not only make the playoffs but to make a drive to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history.  As long as all of the Canuck can live up to their potential, starting with the Sedins.  Everyone must have a good year if the Canucks want to make the playoffs and have a chance at winning the Cup.

I think that the best addition out of all the new Canucks was signing Radim Vrbata.  I remember on the first day of free agency I had said to my brother "I hope the Canucks get Vrbata he would be a great addition".  He isn't a gritty forward like Ryan Kesler was, but is he ever good.  He is just what the Canucks need somebody who can score goals on a regular basis and make the team better along with the Sedins.

The thing that i am most excited about is that Sportsnet will be showing a lot more Canucks games that will be nationally broadcasted so that I and many other Canuck Fans not in B.C and Alberta can enjoy Canuck games on a regular basis.

 Lastly one piece of advice on Gameday: Liquor before beer your in the clear, Beer before Liquor never sicker. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Playoff Prediction Gala Rd 2

So Round two of the p[layoffs kicks off in about 18minutes in Pittsburgh. Go Sens

Here are our rd 2 picks (will recap rd one later)


Pittsburgh in 5

Chicago in 6

Rangers in 6

Los Angeles in 7


Pittsburgh in 6

Chicago in 4

Bruins in 7

Los Angeles in 6

Haha maple dicks. Leafs suck

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sens take 2-1 series lead #classy

In maybe the most satisfying playoff game ever for Senators fans the sens dominated play to the tune of a 6-1 victory. After Turris made is a 4-1 Michel Therrien decided to put his tough guys on the ice, Maclean responded with his own 4th line. In the ensuing line brawl the Senators would win 5 out of 5 five with Jared Cowen looking like he could have killed Ryan White if he really wanted to. The chippyness would continue with PK Subban jumping Kyle Turris and then continuing to punch him after he went down. Brendan Gallagher would then do the same with Cory Conacher who was still recovering from Rene Bourque AND Branden Prust elbows. Wow what a game.

JG Pageau was the hero scoring a hat trick and being first star. Why? because he lost a tooth ala Carey Price and Craig Anderson. cool

With 17 seconds to go and after a dirty 200 and change penalty minutes Paul Maclean decided to embark on some of the greatest NHL trolling of all time and called a time out, afterwards the Senators players would line up as far away from  the Habs players as possible "to avoid any further escalation". LOL didnt work as respectable Josh Gorges takes a page from Monsieur Alfredssons play book and shoots the puck at Kyle Turris. What a game

In the post game press conferences Therrien wasnt happy with the timeout calling Paul Maclean classless and disrespectful and saying that he tried to humiliate the Habs. Macleans response was that the Habs were doing a good job of humiliating themselves and didnt need his help.  fuck this is an awesome series.

Now usually with all the hype of the next game from fans the teams just go out and play a regular game with no rough stuff and try to regroup however I cant even guess whats going to happen next game as Eric Gryba returns from his 2 game suspension and im sure will be asked by Brandon Prust to drop the gloves.

Will be an interesting Tuesday night thats for sure.

Also Shanahan says there will be no supplemental discipline for Prust, Bourque or Subban. Not surprised that there wont be any suspensions but I thought Bourque would at least end up with a fine for his elbow. Oh well...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Iron Man 3 Is Awesome, So Are The Habs

So I've seen a period and a half of this series so far.... unacceptable.  But I did see Iron Man 3 last night to kick off the summer and it was AWESOME!

Basically the Sens are in the drivers seat of this series.  Sunday night and Tuesday night are huge.  Montreal needs to win at least one of those games, and both if they want to control this series.

Oh, and screw you Sun Media.  Nice front page, assholes!

The Canucks are basically done and on their way to being swept out after an OT lose last night.

The stupid Maple Leafs sucks and I refuse to watch their game tonight.  I really don't care who wins that series, they both are god awful teams.  If you want to watch a really good game check out the Ducks vs. Red Wings game tonight at 7:30, that'll be a beaut.  Go Saku!

And if you're really looking for some exciting action then why not watch the annual Kentucky Derby!  Probably the most intense final 10 seconds in sports.  The favourites name is 'Orb' and the best name is 'Frac Daddy'.  That's really all you need to know until 6.25 tonight.

So for those of you who watched the game last night, catch the derby, head to the late showing of Iron Man 3 and come back to see the Bruins and Leafs have all killed each other and both organizations have folded.  Hey we can dream right.

Go Habs Go.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sens Habs playoff Extravaganza

Sens Habs playoff series starts tonight. Cool stuff. All anyones talking about is the whole EK vs PK thing. EK who controls the game with his skating and smart plays vs PK who chews up penalty kills and spits them out (Chris Phillips has more even strength points than Subban this season). We shall see what happens.

Can Latendresse wake the fuck up against his former french team?

Apparently Michalek admitted he isnt playing at 100% so thats not good.

How do I think this series plays out? I think Ottawa has a very balanced and sizeable defence and that they will be able to control the Habs small forwards. I think the Senators forwards will need to get some ugly goals and Price and then protect leads the rest of the way. Its gonna come down to special teams really. Both teams struggling a bit on the PP recently and advanced stats suggest that the Senators league best PK is the result of good luck while the Habs shitty PK is the result of bad luck. We shall see. Habs draw alot of penalties and the Sens take alot of penalties.

Andrew Ference Elbow

I dont know what WILL happen, but im saying that Ference SHOULD get 1 game suspension for his elbow to Grabovsi, Sure Grabovski wasnt injured  but Ference blind sided an unsuspecting player and targeted his head. Bob Mckenzie said today on twitter that because Ference didnt actually make contact with his elbow and that he hit Grabo with his bicep that the only grounds for suspension is the rule 48 thing. But I say what the fuck. Ference obviously INTENDED to hit grabovski with his elbow and missed and INTENDED to hurt the guy, he obviously wasnt super concerned about just getting the puck because elbows generally dont help box out a player from the puck.

And this coming from someone who hates the leafs.

Doug Maclean

was listening to Hockeycentral at noon today and Doug doesnt seem to think anyone should ever be suspended for elbows to the head. This guy is ridiculous and I cant believe someone let him be a GM of their team. I guess it would have to be a team that also let Scott Howson operate their team. He should also be kicked off TV though cause hes an idiot.

Monday, April 29, 2013

AngryHockeyFans Playoff Prediction Gala

It seems everyone is making playoff preditctions these days and our friendly little blog is no different. Your one and only AngrySensFan and the other guy (AngryHabsFan) are participating in a friendly challenge to see who is best at seeing into the future of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Heres a breakdown of the rules:

For each round we will be choosing the winners of each playoff series as well as the number of games it will take that team to win. To beign the playoffs we will also be choosing the Eastern and Western Champs as well as the Stanley Cup champs ahead of time. Who ever has the most points at when Bettman gets booed wins the challenge:

-1pt for picking the correct series winner

-2 extra points for picking the correct number of games in addition to the correct team

-5 points each for choosing the correct Eastern and Western Champs from the get go.

-9.99 points for choosing the eventual Stanley Cup champs ahead of time.

Here are our picks:



Pittsburgh Penguins in 5

Montreal Canadiensin 7

Boston Bruins in 6

Washington Capitals in 7


Chicago Blackhawks in 4

Anaheim Ducks in 6

Vancouver Canucks in 7

Los Angeles Kings in 7

East Champs: Boston Bruins

West Champs: Anaheim Ducks

SC Champs: Anaheim Ducks



Pittsburgh Penguins in 4

Ottawa Senators in 6

Boston Bruins in 5

New York Rangers in 6


Chicago Blackhawks in 4

Detroit Red Wings in 7

San Jose Sharks in 7

St Louis Blues in 5

East Champs: Pittsburgh Penguins

West Champs: Chicago Blackhawks

SC Champs: Pittsburgh Penguins

Its on like Donkey Kong. Comment and suggest ideas for a friendly wager between us! Enjoy the playoffs. Especially you Leafs fans, you wont be making it in the new division format.