Thursday, February 22, 2018

It's Hard To Comment On A Game You Didn't See

Yes, I decided to go to bed at a normal time last night.  11 PM EST start time is way too late when you have to be at wok for 8 AM.  Even if it was the Men's final there is no way I would have stayed up for more than one period.  If I would have stayed up for anything it would have been the CNN Townhall, those kids are pissed! 

From first glance it looks like Canada spent way too much time in the penalty box in this game.  I'm not sure what else there is to say about the game, because I haven't had a chance to sit down and watch it yet.  

The Shootout: I'm not a huge shootout fan.  I like it in the NHL after OT.  A regular season game and 1 point do not mean a whole lot.  I'm anti shootout in international play, even in the Round Robin.  Actually, I'm anti 3-3 or 4-4 in any international play.  I firmly believe in a tournament, the game should continue 5 on 5 like the NHL playoffs until someones scores a goal.  Changing the number of players on the ice, or using a shootout, changes hockey into a completely different sport.  

However, Team USA is a much better team in Women's Hockey than Canada has ever been.  They deserve to finally get a gold medal again after 20 years. Congrats to them.

Curling Semi-Final: Koe didn't look great.  I got to see the second half of the game.  Blanking ends that early was a questionable move when there was so much time left to be played.  USA played a great a game and I wish I could watch them play for gold.  The game goes around 2 AM Saturday.  Even though it's a Friday night who is staying up to 4 AM to watch curling?  

Canada seems to be struggling in team events lately at the Olympics.  

With Canada playing Germany tomorrow morning in the Semi-Final this could be a game that makes or breaks the Olympics.  We will already remember these games as the timezone Olympics, but if the men get eliminated tomorrow, what will these Olympics have meant to Canada?  Sure, we've won a ton of medals, but our greatest story line happened in the first few days winning the mixed doubles curing tournament.  

We are dying for a headline, and a win over Germany tomorrow may give us that.  


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

This Weeks Don't Look Now Team - The San Jose Sharks

I actually thought pretty hard about this one.  I was thinking of giving the weekly award to the Arizona Coyotes who are on a 4 game winning streak (which is only behind Pittsburgh for longest active streak), but ultimately caved and gave it to the team with 7 wins in their last 10 games.  

Brent Burns used to be a great NHL defenseman.  Now he just feeds people the puck all night.  The guy has totally lost his ability to defend, much like that guy in Ottawa who wants to be traded.  

I'll give mad props to Logan Couture who is having a great season for the Sharks.  Vlasic and Braun and are also having great seasons out west as well.  

We all know the Sharks will never win a Stanley Cup, I don't care how many times they show up on this list.  

Since I started doing this list nearly ever team I have declared hot has stayed hot.  With this blessing the San Jose Sharks are now guaranteed to stay hot until the playoffs.  

The Sharks jersey is one I would love to own as a collectors item.  Someone send me one of these classics!

I have no idea when it may happen, but if the Montreal Canadiens are to EVER make this Wednesday thread of hot teams I need to come up with a special celebration.  IF they were to make this thread before the end of the season, after picking myself up off the floor, I'd literally jump in a freezing cold lake.  Go Tank Go!  

Are We Going To Have Canada vs. Not Russia But Russia For Gold?

First, to the United States of America:


What a horrible showing from the Americans.  

Russia, but not Russia, KILLED Norway.

Canada took way too many penalties and somehow snuck by Finland to keep the medal streak alive.

The favorite Swedes got upset by the Germans and are now somehow out.

Does this set up a dream match up Saturday night?  Russia should be able to beat the Czecs, they have arguably been the best team in the tournament so far.

Can Canada beat Germany?  In what weird world is that even a sentence?   

Canada vs. Russia on Saturday night would be epic.  Mind you it sucks that it will not be best on best, but the story lines the media will create leading up to the 11 PM EST game will be awesome. 

Tonight's Women's Final will be awesome too.   Too bad it's being played on a Wednesday night....

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Spent Two Hours Talking To My Bartender Saturday Night

Saturday I was lucky enough to be whisked away to maybe the largest resort Casino in the Province.  

Lucky for me I got up early playing roulette. Within 20 minutes I had already quadrupled my bank roll, and unfortunately, that meant it was time to shut down gambling.  However, the problem was that I was going to be stuck in the casino for another 5 hours.  

I spent a solid hour at the casino buffet, and escaped without picking up any disease (that I am aware of). 

I spent another two hours watching other people gamble, lose money, win it back, then lose it again.

Probably the weirdest part of the getaway was spending two hours sitting at the Casino bar watching the Penguins vs. Leafs game and chatting it up with the bartender.  

We talked about the worlds finest bourbons, wines, beers, and other intense spirits.  We shared stories of travel and living in small towns in rural Ontario.  We talked of his home country, the Olympics, and commented on what others were ordering at the bar.  We talked about avoiding hangovers, places in the world we'd love to see, and of course, women.

Then it dawned on me, am I on a date with this bartender?

Every once in awhile you find yourself in a rich conversation with someone, and it crosses from being super annoying to super interesting.  

For those two hours I could have been sitting in a bar in a downtown metropolitan area.  Instead I was siting on reserve land talking to a guy who may have failed in life as a world class bartender.  I never once asked him how he ended up working at a casino bar.  Probably for the best I didn't.  The mystery creates a fondness. 

After a local bar fly / insane gambler came and sat at the bar the tender fled for break quick.  And like that he was gone from my life forever.

Thank you Mr. Bartender for the great conversation while watching HNIC, and thank you for serving me the best Old Fashioned I have ever tasted.  


Was the 2003 Draft The Greatest Of All Time

The year was 2003, and I was about to make the move from grade school to high school.  I don't remember what my hair looked like in 2003, but I'm sure I did not get on the frosted tips bandwagon.  

Looking at these guys is not only a blast from hockey past, it's also a time capsule of how people looked, dressed, and were in 2003.  

Eric Staal looks like every high school jock here.  Dustin Brown and Dion look like major hardos, and Ryan Suter looks like he just hopped in a time machine from 2018 for this photo.  

We are better off in the hockey world in 2018, but this is pretty cool to see all these years later. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Women's Final Is Set....

....the problem is that the final is set for 11 PM EST on Wednesday night.  Why couldn't this game be Friday night?   There is no way people are going to stay up until 2 AM to watch this game.  

I love the rivalry the women have created over the last 20 years, but you know what I love even more?  A great night of sleep.

This has been the entire story of the olympics.  Watch meaningless events all night, go to bed, wake up and check instagram to see how many medals we won over night, take a crap and watch curling.  

With the mens final set for 1 AM on a Saturday night I'd hate to declare these Olympics a throwaway, but all the great moments are happening when we are all sleeping.  It's hard to create a good headline from something nobody saw live.

Recapping the absence from the blog the last few days:

I won $80 on roulette at a casino Saturday night, took yesterday off from the internet, and today is a bizarre new February holiday.   At least we get daytime hockey.   

No podcast this weekend.

The big hockey news today that the media seems to be shying away from was the incredibly STUPID fans in Chicago the other night.  No amount of alcohol can justify how stupid these people were.  STUPID!