Why Are 'Fans' Dictating a Culture of Losing?

The NHL has been floating the idea of a 24 team playoff format. Under the proposed format, there would be some sort of play-in tournament for what would serve as the "real playoffs."  
When I heard this as a life long Habs fan I was ecstatic, finally for the first time in 3 years we are going to get some semblance of playoff hockey in Montreal.  This is the best news to come out of sports in months!
And then I took to Twitter and came across a bunch of alleged Habs fans who have grown up without ever seeing a Stanley Cup parade posting wild takes.  Tweets on tweets about not wanting to make the playoffs because we somehow don't deserve it.
Are you kidding me?
We didn't make up Corna rules, Corna rules are THE RULES!
As if whoever wins the Stanley Cup will need an asterisk.  Every organization is on an even playing field with this thing.  If some players don't want to isolate and follow the rules and organizations have to use AHL guys then so be it.  That's on the o…

10 Years Ago Today

Where did a decade go?

I remember this game, and basically being on my knees throughout most of it.  When Laich scores the late goal in the 3rd I almost hurled, and then on top of that we take a penalty!

The ride Halak gave us in 2010 will never be matched!  41 saves in a Game 7!

No idea how Sportsnet isn't airing this one tonight!?  I'm surprised they aren't airing random 2016 Blue Jays baseball games instead.

I don't need 80s and 90s game all week.  Mix in some modern classics like this!

We've Entered Banana Land!

I can't believe I am about to blog this.

I didn't think the day would come.

Sure, after beating the Leafs in overtime Saturday night I briefly had hope that the season wasn't dead (season's still dead).

Here we are though, Monday, February 10, 2020, and I'm taking the Montreal Canadiens as my lock of the night on the Moneyline over the Arizona Coyotes.

Am I nuts?  Maybe. Do the Coyotes suck?  Yes.  Do the Habs suck, yes, but not lately.

In a what have you done for me lately world I'm going with the Habs tonight.  Time to live and die with a team that is 6 points out of a playoff spot with two months to go.

Seasons Still Over, But Enjoy These Moments

I'm not going to get sucked into the whole Friday morning 6 points out of a playoff spot, game against the Leafs on a back to back storyline today. No way.

I stand by my eulogy of the 19/20 season.

I will admit this was awesome:

Beautiful classic two pad stack from the great Carey Price — That's Hockey Talk (@ThatsHockeyTalk) February 7, 2020
But I'm still not getting sucked into this.

The Canadiens have now won 8 of their last 11 games... — Eric Engels (@EricEngels) February 7, 2020
Nope, don't care, I have already declared this team dead.

Carey Price has a .924 save percentage since Dec. 1. Since Jan. 1 it’s .937. — Eric Engels (@EricEngels) February 7, 2020 Okay okay, but if we can't score does it really matter anyway?

Nick Suzuki: rookie of the year.

Book it. #GoHabsGo

🎥: @HeresYourReplay — From Failing Hands Podcast (@FFHandsPodcast) February 7, 2020 Maybe if we win Satur.....

Ilya Kovalchuk - Montreal God

This guy

Ilya Kovalchuk scores the shootout winner and silences the New Jersey crowd that booed him all night — Brady Trettenero (@BradyTrett) February 5, 2020
Is this the kind of moment that sparks a turn around in the season?

No, but it was still pretty cool.

06/02/2020 Lock Of The Night

Flyers on the puck line -1.5 over the Kings.   2.04-1

Record 5-2.

Super Bowl Recap

So many things to unpack with this game.

Kyle Shanahan's 7 career drives as play caller in 4th quarter of Super Bowl:
3 plays, fumble
6 plays, punt
4 plays, punt
5 plays, punt
3 plays, punt
7 plays, turnover on downs
2 plays, INT — Josh Dubow (@JoshDubowAP) February 3, 2020
Not to mention he was dressed like he was caddying for an amateur player at the Masters.

Has there ever been a photo worth of freezing cold takes as much like this one:

I mean that is a tough look, and it exists forever now.

I'm still not sure how the 49ers lost this one.  I mean, yes, Kansas City did get a few calls going their way but nothing extraordinary that really swung the game.  They won by 11, in a Super Bowl, down by 10 with only 3/4 of a quarter left.

Without a dog in the fight this year, and the lack of hype, and the way the first 3 quarters were played, this game was looking like a total Broncos 2016 Super Bowl.  And then suddenly Mahomes just did what he has been doing all playoffs.  He rallie…