Thursday, February 15, 2018

I'm Really Hating This Time Difference

I'm getting tired of this 14 hour time difference.  I'm missing everything!

Canada won another bronze (figure skating), silver (luge), and gold (speed skating) PLUS Canada beat the women's USA team in hockey 2-1 and I missed it all! 

Early this morning the Men beat Switzerland 5-1, and I only saw about half the game, and way too much radio time.  

Shifting to women's curling I did get a chance to see Canada play Korea and it was a disaster. Homan kept calling all the fancy difficult high risk shots and it wasn't paying off.  Then Canada went to extra ends against the Swedes and lost again.  Not looking good.  

The Mens team however is rolling!

I'm pretty stoked for the long weekend to arrive so I can actually watch some events.  2 more days. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

USA Losing To Slovenia Means This Will Be A Great Tournament

The stage is set!

The USA blew a 2-0 lead against Slovenia in the 3rd period, and then lost the game 3-2 in OT.  This is music to my ears for so many reasons:

  1. It means there is parity in this meaningless games
  2. It means that each game has the potential to be super exciting and close
  3. Unknown hero's from small countries will be born.
  4. We get to see the United States Hockey program fail again
Slovakia beat OAR 3-2 today as well.  Germany plays Finland tonight at 10 PM EST.

The big hockey game today is Canada vs USA in women's hockey at 10 PM tonight.  Most of us will be sound asleep and waking early for the Canada vs. Swiss game tomorrow.  I really need to plan my work holidays every four years around the Olympic games and time zones.  It's getting harder to keep up!

In a totally unrelated NHL note, I picked a great week to ignore the league....this week's don't look now team.....The Toronto Maple Leafs.  



"Late" Night Trade Between the Sens & Kings Recapped

A late evening deal between the Ottawa Senators and LA Kings sees Dion Phaneuf heading to LA and Gaborik heading to Ottawa.  Who won this trade?  Elisha Cuthbert of course!

Now the Hollywood actress will be back in the thick of things and be able to star in some great Hollywood films.....I smell an Oscar 2020!

In all seriousness neither team really won this trade.  On one side the LA Kings just acquired a 2nd-3rd pairing defenseman who was once a 1st to 2nd pairing defenseman in the NHL.  On the other side the Sens have acquired a former star turned 2nd liner turned 3rd liner in Gaborik.  

This deal had so many former stars when I first saw it on Instagram I was wondering how the Toronto Blue Jays were involved. 

Apparently the Sens are set to save a ton of money in this deal, which is great for the business operation, but the fans don't give a crap about the business side of the game.  

It's kind of funny how the Sens are about to start rebuild 2.0 while the Habs will stink up the NHL as a borderline team until the end of eternity.  The Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers, though rivals, are basically the same team.  

Yes I just made this about the Habs.  Yes I'm bitter.  And yes somehow the NHL found a way for me to blog about them mid Olympics. 

Meanwhile the Mens Curling team opens up the tournament 2-0 with wins over Italy and Great Britain.   

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Golden Rings

Okay - confession - I've been curling since I was 10 years old.  I took a break from the sport in my early twenties, but I've been back playing the sport for a handful of years now.  I've been to two provincial championships and finished in the bottom half as a lead/spare.  You can count on me to throw about 50% every time I play, which is pretty average.  

The last couple of years I have been playing mixed doubles curling, and my average percentage is probably 40%.  It is a WAY harder sport than regular curling, and Canada just took home the Gold medal this morning.

By the time I pulled myself out of bed Canada was already way ahead in the 5th end.  The game ended after the 6th.  

Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris were rolling, they were out shooting the Swiss 93% - 63% at the end of the 5th end.  Honestly, if I was having a hot night I think I could have done better than the Swiss team today.  

It's a big gold medal for Canada as this is the first time Mixed Doubles has been given Olympic sport status.  We've seen this sport really take off at our club in the last couple of years, and now with Canada winning the Gold it's probably about to soar.  Maybe even be bigger than regular curling?

Man, does it ever feel good to not blog about the Montreal Canadiens!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Lets Re Visit The Best Hockey Coach Ever....Jack Frost

The year is 1998 and a local kid from Colorado is stinking up his hockey team.  To make matters worse, his dad dies in a tragic car accident, and his grades are beginning to slip at school.  Charlie Frost's dreams of playing for the Avalanche are sliding away faster than....well....faster than an avalanche.  

That is until his dad, Jack, miraculously comes back to life in the form of a SNOWMAN!  Get it?  Jack Frost?

Moving on.

In order to bond with his son they spend sometime on the secret pond where Charlie goes to cry.  It is on this pond that magic happens.  It is on this pond, that the legend says, one of the greatest hockey players of all time got his game back.  Charlie Frost, for the first time in his life is introduced to the J Shot. 

The J Shot (which is basically just a half clapper) changes the hockey world forever.  

Charlie Frost gets back his mojo with his new move learned from Coach Frost and re joins his team.  In his first game back Charlie pots a beauty goal.  Arms and wrist, straight, but relaxed. The move helps his team win their first game of the season. 

Legend has it that Charlie went onto score 150 goals that season with his J shot move.  

After moving north to play junior hockey, Charlie, at the age of 18 decided he needed to change his name to something a little less boyish.

Charlie Frost changed his name that year to Sidney Crosby.....and the rest is hockey history.

Congrats on your 400th goal Sid, 400 beauty J shots. 

Sidney Crosby with his Dad in 1997 learning the J Shot.

Wake Up With Watching Marchand Get Laid Out


In the darkness of this Habs season, Severson has provided a little light on your Monday morning.

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