HOLY MOLIGINLA! What A Shit Storm Last Night Was

One of the forensic doctors hired by Eugene Melnyk
Busy day, busy day. Well The Penguins became the new Stanley Cup favourites last night, oh they already were? oh ok disregard then.

Iginla is headed to Pittsburgh and snubs the Bruins, haha thats fantastic. Where will Iginla fit in on the Pens roster? Does he play with Crosby and Kunitz, or with Malkin and Neal? I dunno but I have my reservations about this deal.

 Iginla's done well in his career despite never having a true numero uno center with the Flames. The reason? Iginla loves to carry the puck and create his own chances, a role usually played by a teams number one centerman ala Crsoby and Malkin. Unfortunately if Iginla plays that way in Pittsburgh it means he is keeping the puck off the stick of either Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin, 2 much more dangerous players than a 40 year old Iginla. So it will be interesting to see how this new look Pens team meshes together. Cause we all know besides that one goal Crosby had a shitty Olympics playing on a line with Iginla. BTW the term "new look team" is so overused its retarded I think TSNs headline for the first 10 leaf games every single year is "New Look Leafs take on..."

Also Happened Last Night:

The Coyotes might get relocated! Really I hadnt heard of this every day for the past 4 years? But actually apparantly the NHL is talking about moving the team to Seattle, Quebec City or Kansas City. I see Kansas City as a long shot, according to Darren Dreger QC is the likely destinatination but Seattle works best for the new Realignment dealio. I think it should go to Seattle, QC gets the next team cause their arena isnt built yet. Assume the Seahawks/Sounders owner buys the coyotes if they go to Seattle and their uniforms feature hideous electric green trim and a weird blue overall jersey. Their name will start with an S.


Eugene Melnyk has hired forensic doctors to try and prove that Matt Cooke intentionally tried to cut Erik Karlsson's achilles tendon. Get over it Euge. Get over it. Also, I wish I was a billionaire who had forensic doctors on speed dial that I could hire because I was bored.

What Else?:

Its become pretty clear (especially after the Habs/Bruins 3 point game last night) that the Sens will finish in 5th place in the East and face either the Bruins or Habs in the playoffs. Who would you rather see them play?

The Sens match up terribly against the Bruins and everytime they face each other TSN drags out the stat machine to mention that Boston has won 99 out of the last 100 matchups and so on and so 4th. However the games are always close, like one goal games and such, however the Bruins play an extremely boring style of play.

I think we can beat Montreal, our style matches up better against them than against the Bruins, but problem with the Habs is it would be like play a 7 game series on the road because of all the Habs fans at Scotiabank. So I lean back to the Bruins, I dunno. What do you think?



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