AngryHockeyFans Playoff Prediction Gala

It seems everyone is making playoff preditctions these days and our friendly little blog is no different. Your one and only AngrySensFan and the other guy (AngryHabsFan) are participating in a friendly challenge to see who is best at seeing into the future of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Heres a breakdown of the rules:

For each round we will be choosing the winners of each playoff series as well as the number of games it will take that team to win. To beign the playoffs we will also be choosing the Eastern and Western Champs as well as the Stanley Cup champs ahead of time. Who ever has the most points at when Bettman gets booed wins the challenge:

-1pt for picking the correct series winner

-2 extra points for picking the correct number of games in addition to the correct team

-5 points each for choosing the correct Eastern and Western Champs from the get go.

-9.99 points for choosing the eventual Stanley Cup champs ahead of time.

Here are our picks:



Pittsburgh Penguins in 5

Montreal Canadiensin 7

Boston Bruins in 6

Washington Capitals in 7


Chicago Blackhawks in 4

Anaheim Ducks in 6

Vancouver Canucks in 7

Los Angeles Kings in 7

East Champs: Boston Bruins

West Champs: Anaheim Ducks

SC Champs: Anaheim Ducks



Pittsburgh Penguins in 4

Ottawa Senators in 6

Boston Bruins in 5

New York Rangers in 6


Chicago Blackhawks in 4

Detroit Red Wings in 7

San Jose Sharks in 7

St Louis Blues in 5

East Champs: Pittsburgh Penguins

West Champs: Chicago Blackhawks

SC Champs: Pittsburgh Penguins

Its on like Donkey Kong. Comment and suggest ideas for a friendly wager between us! Enjoy the playoffs. Especially you Leafs fans, you wont be making it in the new division format.


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