Sens Recap: Borefest

This Sens-Jets game was possibly the most boring game of the season and I watched the WHOLE thing, thats called blogger dedication. Considering we have already played a 1-0 game against the Canes as well as an additional boring 2-1 game against the Canes, the fact that this was the MOST boring game is quite a feat. No hitting, 1 goal, no good scoring chances for either team, no amazing saves, no fights, boring, boring, boring.

Aside from the boring aspect the Senators turned the puck over in recurring and comical fashion including a perfect tape-to-tape pass from Condra to Blake Wheeler during a breakout, and a Karlsson giveaway that lead to the games only goal. Nobody looked good in the game and for the most part nobody was noticeable. Shitty all around. All i have to say.



We are fucked