Were the EK Rumors Fake News?

Today Bobby Mac went on Ottawa radio to confirm that the Erik Karlsson rumors were indeed factual, calling those who says it was fabricated "the biggest dumbass without an ounce of sense".


I haven't seen Bobby get this fired up since, ever.  Essentially the idea was that bell media created a story out of nothing for ratings on deadline day.  

That theory makes no sense, and with everything going on in Ottawa this year EK was for sure on the table to be dealt.  The problem is that to deal a guy like Karlsson it takes a perfect deal.  It sounds like Vegas would have been a top contender, and who knows maybe he still ends up in Vegas, but for now a deal couldn't be done.  

Hey Ottawa maybe take a lesson from the fans in Montreal, if there are rumors your star defense man is going to be dealt, IT'S PROBABLY TRUE.

Sens fans might want to circle draft day on their calendars.  




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