Sunday, April 28, 2013

They Did It!

Best Coach's Corner In Years.
Well it was a bit of a shaky start but your Montreal Canadiens pulled off what they needed to do heading into the playoffs, beat two Canadian teams.  Last night was pretty awesome, minus the lack of overall drama but hey a win is a win.

Now we wait.

A Boston win tonight screws everything up and we are sent down to play the Leafs in the first round.  A Sens win and we play the Sens in the first round.  It's tough to cheer for a team that you may have to play in the first round of the playoffs, but for the the next 12 hours we are all Sens fans.

I could care less about a Montreal vs Toronto series.  If it happened deep in the playoffs for the East title then ya, maybe that would be exciting, but a first round match up is just plain lame.  The only thing playing Toronto would do is wear us emotionally out for the second round matchup, which may be against the Penguins at that point.  I'd rather play the Sens and beat them out in 6 then have to deal will all the hype and emotion of a Montreal vs Toronto series.  If it happens then yes I'll get caught up in it, if it doesn't then I'm happy because I'll be at Game 3 or 4 of the series.

So all eyes are on the Sens game tonight at 7 PM on Sportsnet.  Enjoy the ratings Sportsnet.

Let's all save ourselves the misery of watching the Blue Jays today and flip on your future World Junior stars taking on the USA for the Gold Medal of the IIHF Under 18 Hockey Tourney.

Or we could all go outside, it's shorts weather baby.


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