HappyHabsFan Lives!

How does one choose?
6 out of 8 points!  The mission is complete!  And what a strange way to do it.  Every goal last night was a total fluke.  The only goal by the Bruins to go in past Price was wobbly like your drunk uncle.  Ryder tipped PK's shot and it bounced down hit the ice, hit a Bruins stick and then proceeded to go top corner.  And Mr. Galchenyuk's goal was just a complete gongshow off a Bruins player trying to make a save.  Wacky but not a bad game to watch.  And violence?  Hardly any, I told you.  The Bruins are scared of Montreal.  When the games are in the Bell Centre they behave themselves, when the games are in Boston it turns into a WWE main event.  

This week the Habs take on the Caps Tuesday, the Sabres on Thursday on a special presentation of Hockey Night in Canada, and then the Leafs on Saturday night.  One can assume CBC has some empty time slots for playoff hockey now and intends to use them.  The Leafs game next Saturday night will also be fun to watch.  Tuesday night will be rough, but we'll manage.  So, the Sunday call this week is a bit high but I'm feeling confident in this team to say 5 of 6 points this week.  We should beat the Caps easy.  Sabres have killed us so I don't like saying we'll outright beat them but 1 point would be nice, and the Leafs suck on Saturday night so another two points.  I know this prediction will probably come back to bite me but I'm running with it.

Louisville and Michigan advanced to the March Madness final tomorrow night, and the Blue Jays take on the Red Sox today at 1 PM.

Next time you hear from me there will be golf at Augusta National, and spring will officially be here. 

Here's hoping for some good news on Emelin today, and Chara's late game embellishment didn't hurt his personal pride too much. 



We are fucked