Ola me Sens fans. The Sabres are up next

Good evening boys and girls, and by good evening I mean good morning because todays game...IS AN AFTERNOON AFFAIR!!!

Today the Sens take on the Sabres in a game that most pundits assume will go to overtime seeing as how we are 1-2-4 in our last 7 games and have gone past regulation time in 7 of the last 12 games. Im assuming Lehner gets the start again since he seems to be a OT magnet and we need the points. Somehow the Senators currently find themselves in 5th place in the East and actually have the 4th best record in the conference (the southeast is a joke of a division). Today we play a very bad team in the sabres so hopefully we can pull out an elusive WIN! What with all the Turris and Smith goals weve been blessed with recently. BTW Zibanejad tied Karlsson for the team lead in goals (at 6) against the habs. Yes Karlsson who last played during the American Revolution.

So the Sabres are a hilarious mess of cap troubles. They must be loving the amnesty buyouts they are allowed this summer and I predict they will be 1 of like 2 or 3 teams who use BOTH of their buyouts (psst its Leino and Erhoff, although with what I'm seeing from Tyler Myers his contract is a disaster as well). Anyways its all Terry Pegula's fault with all his free spending ways and Darcy Regehr's inability to tell the kid in a metaphorical candy store that he will get sick if he eats all the Ville Leino candies at once.

I've been reading a few competitor Sens blog lately who find that Mark Stone has been really good so far but I completely disagree I think hes been mostly invisible and thats partly because he only plays about 9 minutes a night. Thats also how Maclean worked Zibanejad into the lineup, starting him off slow and see what he has, difference is Zbad produced and Mark Stone hasn't, nor does he have the skating, size or physicality to be a useful bottom 6 forward that Mikachu has. Will be interesting to see how Paulrus uses him in the next few games but I'd love to see him get a bit of PP time.

Speaking of PP for the first time in like 3 years Chris Neil is not on it!! hooray its only been obvious he serves little purpose there for like all the time! Chris Neil is a good guy and all and I get the whole park yourself in front of the net stuff, but could we not find someone with a bit more touch around the net to put there? Someone big that can work some magic in tight to the keeper. Latendresse? (when hes healthy) Zibanejad? Silfverberg seems like he enjoys that spot on the ice? Anyways the lengthy experiment of the Neil Powerplay is over! Bless thee!



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