O' Carey Where Art Thou?!

Errrr, going furr a darrrrt

Look, we lost.  I'm not going to engage into a debate over Price because of two bad games.  Maybe after three, but we'll wait until Thursday.

Two weeks ago people were talking about him being the starting goalie at the olympics and now the masses of Montreal fans are throwing him under the bus.  Twitter was a ruckus last evening after the game.  It's really unjustified.

We are sitting first place in the Eastern Conference and people are seriously talking about getting rid of the guy.  Your number one starter has got the team to this position.  You can't say Budaj put us here.  You can argue Budaj has played some great games, but at the start of the season he was as wonky as Carey is right now.

The beautiful thing about great athletes is that they always find a way to battle back, and Carey will do this.  He is an elite goalie and will be on Team Canada's roster next winter in Russia.  It's only a matter of time before the guy bounces back.

Last night put a damper on a wicked point streak we had going on for weeks and weeks.  Aside from that, we really could have used those two points last night, luckily Washington sort of helped us out.

Going into Carolina on Thursday night I had originally said it was a 'who cares' 'relax' kind of game for Montreal (this was assuming we were on a two game winning streak, we are not).  We need to beat Carolina Thursday night, and with this loss to the Islanders I really want to beat Tampa Bay on Saturday night.  I want to see more beautiful women gracing the cover of AngryHockeyFans.

Also, the last 10 minutes of last nights game was amazing!  Minus the part where the Islanders scored a whole ton of goals.  4 unanswered was it? Ouch!

I know we weren't playing the Devils last night, and our uniforms do not look like the California Seals, but this clip from Jack Frost sums up how I was feeling last night at the 2nd intermission:




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