Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Heyyyy Goodbye

Budaj! Desharnais!  Prust! Patches! Kaberle!?

Not a bad weekend for the boys taking 3 of 4 points and moving on to bigger and much worse things down in New York for Tuesday nights match up against the Islanders.

Rewinding a bit first.  Last night I missed the first period and most of the second period.  I know I know, my Habs watching skills are way down this weekend.  Apparently I do have a life outside of hockey.  What I did see last night was pretty awesome though! Prust fought ugly ugly fugly Lucic and Chara took on Emelin in a fit of rage.  It's nice to see some guys on our team actually kinda sorta able to stand up to these gigantic Bruins players.  And, with the win last night in Boston the rivalry between these two teams may have been renewed a bit to the levels it was at in the winter of 2011.  We can only hope so.

After the game Mike Milbury even defended the Habs victory against some homers out of Boston.  The video was posted online around 2 am and after watching it I nearly expected the world to come crashing down.  Watch that video here.

It's a glorious morning oh boyyy.  The sun is shining, spring is coming, time is about to change, and the Habs are sitting in first place in the Eastern Conference.  All is right in the world as winter dies out, and signs of spring are right around the corner.  We've still got two months to go before the playoffs start, but with a huge gap between the Habs and 9th place, things feel pretty good today.

Photos of beautiful ladies for your evening reading/looking pleasure will come later today.

Bruins suck.  


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