Monday Hiatus

I took the day off after the Habs 5-2 win Sunday night because 1. I had a super busy day yesterday & 2. I missed the game Sunday night to see the new Die Hard flick.

I guess we did pretty awesome, especially Mr. Bouillon who was playing for both teams.....not in the gay way.

Now the Habs are back in Montreal and getting ready for a Wednesday night hockey match up against the Senators.  Not only is waiting until Wednesday night bad enough, but every show on tv is on reruns right now, what the heck.  I spent last night watching PVR'd Saturday Night Live, listening to a two week old Jay and Dan Podcast, and watching Weekend at Bernies. One question that maybe the blogosphere can answer for me.  When their boat runs of out gas how do they get back to Bernies place? The tv channel I was watching it on totally cut that part out.  Your help in solving this for me would be much appreciated.

Apparently tonight we are placed in the same 'boat.'  Boston is taking on Pittsburgh on TSN tonight and for the love of god I hope the Penguins can beat the Bruins.  First place feels so much safer going into Wednesday night.  The NorthEast has been an on and off division when it comes to Habs game play.  And after three games against the god awful SouthEast it may be a big wake up call.

If you're looking to take a short break from hockey this Tuesday night I'd recommended checking out the Betty White show on NBC at 8PM.  It's basically Just for Laughs Gags if only seniors were pulling the pranks on twenty year olds.  It's actually pretty entertaining.

Let's tough it out guys, 1 more day until hockey is back again.



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