HappyHabsFan, Happy Easter

Easter hunt on the ice. Find Crosby teeth.
I knew they would they do it.  I didn't know Carey would rebound from Wednesday night and shutout the Rangers.  I'm overly impressed.  Who else are we overly impressed with this morning in Montreal land?  PK SUBBAN!  Helpers on every goal last night, the guy was solid.  Without a doubt he is the BEST offensive defenseman in the NHL this year (take that Ottawa).  Oh, and that guy wearing number 11 seems to be having an amazing rookie year.  Calder Trophy anyone?

Over at HockeyInsideOut the mood is similar this morning.  The ghost of Scott Gomez have appeared to vanish, and the Canadiens are finally extracting some revenge on the team that dumped that loser into our line up.

Next up is the Hurricanes on Monday night at 7:30.  It's almost a guaranteed win for Montreal.  After Monday your team is off to Philly to take on the Flyers on Wednesday night hockey.  I'd say it should be an easy win looking at the standings but expect a close one.  Thursday is a quick turnaround and the Canadiens are back at the Bell to take on the Jets.  Again, should be an easy W for the home boys.  Saturday night things really heat up on Hockey Night In Canada as the Bruins come to Montreal.  If you're expecting a violet game you probably won't see one.  However, it will be a good test for Montreal and to see how Boston rebounds from last Wednesday night.

Last week I called for 3 of 6 and got 4 of 6 points.  HappyHabsFan has returned once again.  This week I'm calling for 5 out of 8 points.  It may seem small but here's my explanation.  We will beat Carolina on Monday night for two points.  Then with the quick turn around on Wednesday/Thursday I'm expecting at least one victory there.  Saturday night at home who knows what will happen, but hopefully we can grab a point or two from the Bruins again.

It's going to be an amazing week full of hockey.  Tuesday and Friday are your date nights this week, the rest of the week is booked up solid.

I know everyone's brackets are basically over but March Madness continues today at 2.30 on CBS. Also, Sunday Night Baseball kicks off tonight with the Rangers taking on the Astros, and it wouldn't be Easter dinner without some golf playing in the background as the Shell Houston Open is on.

Yes people, this is definitely the best time of year for sports.

Happy Easter.



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