The Ice Cream Truck Melted

That sucked.

1 point for the Habs.  We need another 3 before Sunday against the Bruins.  Can we please beat the Maple Leafs in Toronto?  It would make the entire week 10 times better.

Ben Bishop is a god.  Price played meh and that goal he let in was god awful but whatever, he's still an elite goalie.

Forget the ice cream covered ladies, the offer is dead.  New incentive, if the Habs beat the Leafs tomorrow night you can have photos of the lady of your choice.  Comment below and let us know who would like to see if the Habs beat the Leafs.  More Upton?  Scarlett Johansson? Jennifer Lawrence? Megan Fox?  Just let us know.

Until then the hockey games on tv tonight are pretty god awful.  Jets vs Rangers is on, meh.  Could be Torts last game as the coach of the NYR before Lindy Rufflepuffle takes over as bench boss.  Would he come back to the TSN panel again?  We can only hope so.



We are fucked