Taking a Shot at my Fellow Bloggers

Vancouver Canucks: 

This Roberto Luongo situation is getting ridiculously hilarious. Schneider takes a dump to start the season and Luongo is suddenly the cities saviour. Alan Vigneault's dilemma here is that when he names Luongo as the team's starting goaltender going forward it totally fucks up Mike Gillis' plans and trade negotiations. You can't trade a goalie that your team is playing well in front of and replace him with Schneider who your team does not play well in front of.

Player's play differently in front of different goaltender's, for example team's generally play much more conservatively in front of their backup goalie. This isn't by coaches design its just a subconscious change you make based on things like your confidence in that goalie. For whatever reason, right now the Canucks are playing MUCH better in front of Luongo. Therefore Vigneault has to stick with Luongo to give his team its best chance of winning.

Reminds me of the Canadien's run to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2010, Carey Price plays the EXACT same style now as he did in 09-10 except for some reason his team was awful in front of him (they couldnt clear the front of the net) but they played very well in front of Halak, so Martin had to stick with Halak in the playoffs, whether he was a better goalie or not.

The problem in Vancouver is that if/when Vigneault names Luongo as the starting goaltender going forward Gillis can't all of a sudden just go ahead and trade the teams starting goalie, it'll totally fuck with the teams juju. Also when the playoffs roll around and Luongo shits his pants, when Vigneault names Schneider the goalie going forward the team has just come full circle in this ridiculous Luongo situation. Lol.

Montreal Canadiens:

Lol Nazem Kadri made his first career body check on your player...

PS. Kadri has the absolute WORST skating technique i've ever seen in an NHL player.



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