Still On Top

Just because you don't use it anymore, New York, doesn't mean we can't.

Two days in a row on top of the Eastern Conference.  My, the view is mighty spectacular from way up here. We can almost make out that blue and orange team way down there outside of the playoff race, oh yeah, it's our opponent tonight.

After playing back to back games, having a day off without hockey seems like an eternity!  I mean what else were we to do last night.  If you happened to catch the Philly & Pittsburgh game then you got a real treat!  If you didn't well then you suck because you missed out on some entertaining hockey.

It always amazes me how entertaining other hockey games are compared to the Habs.  Lundqvist got it right when he said the Habs play a boring style of hockey because the last two games against the Rangers and Hurricanes have been snooze fests.

I guess the Habs are also carrying a five game winning streak into tonights game at home.  That's a big deal!  Not sure if there has been any word on who is starting in net tonight but I wouldn't be surprised if Budaj got the nod.

It amazes me that on such a horrible hockey team John Tavares has managed to get himself 20 pts already this season.  I'm basically stating random facts because nobody cares about the New York Islanders.  Not even people in New York.

Most people would find it hard to get up for a game against the Islanders, and it's true, normally I would fall into that category myself but tonight is different.  If the Habs extend their winning streak to six games then we are slowly entering Chicago Blackhawks territory for out right goodness.  Then again if the first place team loses to the New York Islanders we will be the laughing stock of the league.  No pressure tonight...

Enjoy this horrible sports broadcasting from PJ Stock:

And Ryan O'Byrne scoring for the New York Islanders while playing for the Habs:

Gametime is 7:30 PM on TSN-Habs.

Same offer as last game, Habs score 5 goals and you get ice cream ladies.

Go Habs Go!    



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