So How'd We Do?

No Spezza, No Offense. At least for last night. The Senators couldn't muster a goal in a 1-0 loss to the Staals  Hurricanes. Didn't see the game myself but heard that the Senators looked tired which is to be expected on a busy 4 game week, on the road, with the flu going around (The Tenderness misted the game with the flu).

Couple interesting things I noticed. Firstly, Craig Anderson continues to play lights out. He has a ridiculous .967 save percentage which is about as insane as Thomas Vanek's point titles so far. Obviously I don't see him maintaining this this pace all yar, but if he can play well like this all year it will make losing Spezza that much easier on the team.

Second thing I noticed, aside from the top line of Alfredsson, Turris and Michalek all of the Senators forwards played between 12 and 13 minutes. Not entirely sure what to make of this but it seems that either Paul Maclean has a ton of confidence in his forward depth, or that he has no idea what to do about a second line for this team. Most guys like to play 15 or more minutes in a game and find its hard to get into a groove when you play less, so maybe that's part of the reason the Senators looked so out of sync last night. Will be interesting to see where Maclean goes with this in the future.

Anyways, here's hoping for a rebound on Superbowl Sunday against the Habs!



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