McBain & Company Come To Town

A player on Carolina has the last name 'McBain.'  I'm sorry about the immaturity, but that is just a solid last name for a hockey player.

Tonight a Hurricane rolls into town as your Habs play a rare Montreal night game at the Bell Centre.  Maybe because it's Family Day?  Or maybe because the scheduler is trying to screw us again.

After tonight's game the Habs have to fly to New York to play the Rangers tomorrow night.  If that's not bad enough, instead of staying in New York to play the Islanders they have to fly back home for a game Thursday night.  Why not just have the Habs stay in New York to play the Islanders Thursday?  There's no need to shuffle us around when the team is literally just minutes away from the other rink.  C'mon NHL!

So last week we basically played C hockey and walked away with 6 points.  It was epic.  This week 8 points are up for grabs with games against Carolina, New York (the good one), New York (the bad one), & New York (the good one).  Note: New York (the good one) may in fact be New York (the bad one) after losing two games to the Habs this week.

How many points should your Habs come away with this week to make us happy?  Six.  If this team can manage to get 6 out of 8 points this week I will be HappyHabsFan.  In fact, things have been going so swell my internet identity name is in jeopardy.  The only thing to be angry about right now is Luke Schenn's hit on Gally, and we really don't seem to getting that upset about it.

Oh, and today is Family Day in parts of our beautiful country, so if you have the day off there are games on all afternoon.  Remember, there are sports on tv today for a reason, to avoid your family.

Gametime tonight is 7:30PM on TSN-Habs.

CanesCountry has you covered for all your pre-game enemy info.  Raid their comment section please.

If the Habs win tonight we will post photos of Kate Upton in a bathing suit for no apparent reason.  Share this proclamation with the masses.

Go Habs Go.



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