Leafs Take A Bite Out Of Habs

I don't have to talk about last nights game.  This is all I will say:

Grabovski Team Photo

Actually, I don't even want to talk about the Eastern Conference because the Habs are probably going to somehow manage to lose to every single team in it.  You know what seems to be really cool this weekend?  Naming Canada's potential 2014 olympic mens hockey roster.  Since I have a total hate on right now for the Eastern Conference I have built my olympic picks using players solely from the West.  

And after the IOC chairmen went on national tv and told us that people in North America have ego problems, this list is probably not going to matter anyway.  Chicoutimi beer league division A probably has a better shot at playing in the olympics than NHL players do now.

Regardless, here is Team Canada Western Conference Addition.  Debate in the comment section. 

Duchene- Toews- Sharp
Whitney- Thornton- Perry
Morrow- Marleau- Doan
Hall- Richards- Eberle

Doughty- Weber
Boyle- Seabrook
Keith- Pietrangelo


What'daya think?


Angry Sens Fan said…
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Angry Sens Fan said…
Jonathan Quick? Ryan Getzlaf?
Angry Habs Fan said…
Quick is american I think.

If your going to play for Canada you must have hair.
Angry Sens Fan said…
Quick is Canadian, also Jamie Benn and Ray Whitney will be like 60 years old in 2014
Angry Habs Fan said…
According to Wikipedia he was born in Milford Conn. USA?


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