Happy Birthday Abe!

The Prudential Center stands this afternoon
Its Family Day today, a day to enjoy family time by staying home from work/school and watching the price is right together, AND AFTERNOON HOCKEY!

Our Sens played the Devils today in what can only be described as "the greatest game of hockey ever played". After falling behind very early in the first period, Ben Bishop recomposed himself and played great. Meanwhile the Sens players decided to bore the Devils to sleep ala "Hypnosis" from Pokemon. It's super effective. Critical Hit. The Sens were snake bitten early hitting post after post but eventually El Capitano Alfredsson tied it up in the third period.

Weird moment at the end of regulation as a scuffle broke out nothing out of the ordinary happens, not even a fight breaks out. BUT David Clarkson and Chris Neil get 10 minute misconduct penalties and miss the rest of the game. Also Clarkson got an extra 2, putting the sens on the powerplay. Weirdest friggen call ive seen this year, just doesnt make sense.

Anyhoo, nothing at all happens in overtime so things go to a shootout. OOH AH SILFVERBERG! OOH AH SILFVERBERG! The Jakobian One scores the go ahead in the shootout with a release so quick the announcers got semi erections. Next up? Oh just beer league caliber ex-Senator BOBBY BUTLER. He misses obviously and the Sens win. Nice try Deboer, not everything has a fairytale ending.

In other notes, the Senators finally scored their first goal since the Karlsson injury. That makes it 1 goal in 2.5 games. aaaaaaaaaaaa yikes?

As per Steve Lloyd (why the extra L Steve??) since the Spezza injury the Senators had scored 19 goals. Karlsson was on the ice for 13 of those goals. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yikes?

Also on Alfredsson's shootout attempt he and Brodeur combined for a total age of 80 years. lol




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