Before the Puck Drop: Candy Canes @ Senators

These two losers and their weird mouths will play against our Senators tonight. Hopefully we can score a goal this time, thankfully Cam Ward is starting tonight instead of Dan Ellis (those words have never been uttered in the history of the internet).

Mike Lundin will make his Sens debut tonight after returning from a broken hand. Lucky us! Wiercoch and Borowiecki will both sit in favour of Andre Benoit. Slightly surprising choice by Maclean there, less so in the sense of their comparative play but because Benoit has the lowest future potential of the 3. So for a rebuilding team you are more likely to see the young talent get their shot than a 29 year old rookie. But who am I? just some loser I guess.

I would write more and give some more insight but the Hurricanes are super uninteresting to write about. More to add? Comment!



We are fucked