Sens Recap: Sens 3 Caps 2

It certainly looked like everyone on the Senators had Alfies flu last night (except for Craig Andreson). Terrible hockey played by the Sens, saved by solid goaltending and a bounce back 3rd period. The Caps jumped out to a 1st period 2 goal lead however the Senators were lucky to not be down by 5. The Sens looked slow and unorganized in their own end and were regularly caught on long shifts. Anderson kept them in the game and then late in the second an energized Mika Zibanejad and birthday boy Jim "The Irish Wonder" O'Brien helped the Sens get back into the hockey game. Michalek would add a softie early in the 3rd and from that point on the Sens took control of the game eventually getting a winner from Gonchar (credit to Karlsson on the goal for doing all the work).

I honestly did not think the team would be this awful without Jason Spezza in the lineup. But for Paul Maclean's possession game it helps to win faceoffs so that you can start the play with the puck rather than playing catch up (mmm ketchup). So when your best faceoff guy is out and also a player who took the highest percentage of his teams faceoffs (in the whole league) last season it doesnt bode well for your game plan. Hopefully Spezza is back on the ice soon and if not it will be interesting to see if Karlsson can carry this entire team offensively. Can you name any other team in the last 10 years that rely's solely on a defenceman to create offense?

An a positive note Zibanejad was FLYING. easily the quickest player on the ice and the most notable Senator, much to the chagrin (always wanted to use that word in a sentence) of the Binghamton Senators it looks like Z-bad will get a longer look in Ottawa. I think he took way too many shots from the perimeter although I did like the strength of his shot, his accuracy is god awful (would explain his 4% shooting %age in the AHL). Ide like to see him playing with some more offensive linemates but his line played so well I doubt that will happen.

If any NHL coaches watch the game tape for this game and realize the Sens can be completely undone by an aggressive forecheck I dont like our chances at a playoff spot. Paging Bryan Murray to add a solid defenseman!

Finally, how great are those Heritage Jerseys? heres hoping they become the perma-home jersey next season. If not lets bring back the 2D Senator head and ditch the constipated 3D version.

BTW remember how I said Ovechkin would only take perimeter shots? I was wrong it was the Senators taking the perimeter shots. How we scored 3 goals Ill never know. Eek check it out...



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