Rough Start To A Huge Gambling Weekend

Last night was a wild gambling night.  I wanted to start my weekend with a good head start, so I had a three game parlay of Penguins by 1, Capitals by 2 in Ottawa, and Lightning by 2 in Anaheim.

What a wild ride it was because each game had some sort of drama attached to it.  Starting with the Flyers vs. Penguins:

Crosby, thankfully finished this game off for me with a wicked OT snip.

Over in Ottawa the NHL was messing with puckline gamblers everywhere:

Thankfully I used the score app and didn't even see this happened until this morning.

At this point I had a 5-1 parlay down to one game that was at 2-2 when I shut off the tv for the night.

When I checked the score this morning I was obviously pissed with the 4-3 Lightning win.  Well, then I watched the highlights:

I was 11 seconds from cashing a 5-1 three game parlay....


First thing this morning I hopped back on the gambling wagon and as I write this I am 0/2 on college basketball.

Tonight I'm going with the Rangers, Stars, and right back to the Lightning. I also love the Leafs, but I'm not laying -1.5 with the Leafs sitting outside of a playoff spot.

All eyes back on the Flames/Oilers tonight for another Round of old time hockey. 



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