File This One Under Great Ideas

Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News:

It sure sounds like Las Vegas is getting another hockey team and the ramifications of this development will be huge. Can anyone say “2025 World Junior Championship?” That’s just one exciting possibility.

If this happens, I am there.  There is no way in the history of the WJHC that there would be a better experience than a tournament in Vegas.

For the fans and parents of players, it would be a wild, wild idea.  The concept of bringing a bunch of teenagers to Vegas for a month, probably not so much.

It will be interesting to see how the WJHC does in Red Deer / Edmonton this year.  The tournament has been dying for a spark the last half-decade or more.

I think a gold medal streak may be what is needed to revive the powerhouse the WJHC used to be.  Canada has not won back to back Golds since 08/09. 



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