Battle of Alberta - Jan 29, 2020

Let's recap:

Which lead to:

Which of course resulted in the now-famous quote:

"I'd Do It Again" 

Which leads us to tonight.

A game that sort of actually means something for a 10 PM eastern game in the dead of winter.  Whoever wins tonight will move into second place in the Pacific division.

Both teams are hot, and Edmonton carries the title of favourite tonight as the home team.

For those wanting to stay up to see some sort of fight between Kassian and Tkachuk, it isn't happening.  This is a classic NHL move that has happened for years.  Hype gets built around a fight between two teams and then, of course, nothing happens.

When tonight is over the only thing from this game people will remember is McDavid and Draisaitl tallying 7 points between them.

I mean, I guess it's sort of juicy that they have to play again on Hockey Night in Canada, Saturday.  But for tonight no need to stay up until 1 AM.  Nothing to see here people. 



We are fucked