NHLPA Player Poll AKA Annual Dud Poll

The NHLPA released their annual player poll today.

You can check out the results by clicking here.

It's a bit of a disappointing list.  The highlights for me is seeing that the players around the league love coming to play in Montreal, and that the players feel the Blackhawks have the best fans.  

It heartens me to Shea Weber show up on the list in a couple of places.  It gives me hope for the future.  Oh, and Carey Price being listed among the greatest of all time gives me some hope as well.

Patrick Roy being listed as the greatest goalie of all time is so unfortunate for my generation.  Yes, I was alive for the 93 cup, but I wasn't even in school yet so I can't remember anything about it.  The same goes for the 92 and 93 World Series wins for the Blue Jays.   

Every year I get a little older, and every year a sports club makes the finals, and they without a doubt show the super old fan in the stands watching, I think I'm getting closer to being that guy every year.     



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