Mike Fisher Un Retires, Skips Olympics?

First of all, I hate how a guy can just up and decide to un retire from the game.  You can't show up halfway through the season with fresh legs and a fresh body and decide you are ready to play hockey again.  It makes no sense. 

If you are going to make a return to the game, why not go and play on Team Canada at the Olympics? Fisher would be a huge contributor not only for Team Canada but he would have a chance of being the best player in the tournament.  This is ludicrous.  

The guy has had some up and down years in the NHL, but coming back from retirement halfway through the season is a bad look, it's a bad move, and it is probably not going to end well at this high level.

Fisher is no Jagr, hopefully he doesn't get ripped apart out there down the stretch. 



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