"Late" Night Trade Between the Sens & Kings Recapped

A late evening deal between the Ottawa Senators and LA Kings sees Dion Phaneuf heading to LA and Gaborik heading to Ottawa.  Who won this trade?  Elisha Cuthbert of course!

Now the Hollywood actress will be back in the thick of things and be able to star in some great Hollywood films.....I smell an Oscar 2020!

In all seriousness neither team really won this trade.  On one side the LA Kings just acquired a 2nd-3rd pairing defenseman who was once a 1st to 2nd pairing defenseman in the NHL.  On the other side the Sens have acquired a former star turned 2nd liner turned 3rd liner in Gaborik.  

This deal had so many former stars when I first saw it on Instagram I was wondering how the Toronto Blue Jays were involved. 

Apparently the Sens are set to save a ton of money in this deal, which is great for the business operation, but the fans don't give a crap about the business side of the game.  

It's kind of funny how the Sens are about to start rebuild 2.0 while the Habs will stink up the NHL as a borderline team until the end of eternity.  The Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers, though rivals, are basically the same team.  

Yes I just made this about the Habs.  Yes I'm bitter.  And yes somehow the NHL found a way for me to blog about them mid Olympics. 

Meanwhile the Mens Curling team opens up the tournament 2-0 with wins over Italy and Great Britain.   



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