I Watched Bad Moms Christmas 24 Hours Ago & I'm Still Shook

I still had a mini-Christmas to get through last night due to illness, and distance, and what not, so somehow Bad Moms Christmas gets thrown up on the TV.

The first 45 minutes of Bad Moms Christmas is unbearable.  Perhaps the worst 45 minutes in cinema history.  I hate all the characters, and really couldn't care if they all get run over by a garbage truck. 

The second half some much needed character development happens, and they get back to the formula that worked for the first film.  However, the screenplay of this film is horrible.  I think a group of highschool drama students may have wrote it in in 2 hours. 

Christine Baranski's overly dramatic take on the ultra conservative mom got old really fast.  We all know her from The Grinch 18 years ago, and whatever movie she in from now until the end of time we will know her as that chick the Grinch digs.

The daughter played by Oona Laurence may be on of the most annoying kids in cinema history.  

As always Kathryn Hahn kills her typecast performance while Christina Applegate makes a cameo.

1.5 Stars (which actually somehow makes it higher than its tomotometer rating)




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