Golden Rings

Okay - confession - I've been curling since I was 10 years old.  I took a break from the sport in my early twenties, but I've been back playing the sport for a handful of years now.  I've been to two provincial championships and finished in the bottom half as a lead/spare.  You can count on me to throw about 50% every time I play, which is pretty average.  

The last couple of years I have been playing mixed doubles curling, and my average percentage is probably 40%.  It is a WAY harder sport than regular curling, and Canada just took home the Gold medal this morning.

By the time I pulled myself out of bed Canada was already way ahead in the 5th end.  The game ended after the 6th.  

Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris were rolling, they were out shooting the Swiss 93% - 63% at the end of the 5th end.  Honestly, if I was having a hot night I think I could have done better than the Swiss team today.  

It's a big gold medal for Canada as this is the first time Mixed Doubles has been given Olympic sport status.  We've seen this sport really take off at our club in the last couple of years, and now with Canada winning the Gold it's probably about to soar.  Maybe even be bigger than regular curling?

Man, does it ever feel good to not blog about the Montreal Canadiens!



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