2 Hours To Deadline....Nothing Is Happening As Usual

Trade deadline day peaked with Ryan Smyth crying as he left Edmonton.  I remember Huet being moved in 08, and us keeping Price.  Other than that the deadline day has been a dud.  

For all the hype deadline day gets, it is nothing.  

The art of the trade in sports in general has died.  Subban - Weber may be the last great trade that we see in hockey.  Nothing of note is going to happen today.  As of writing this, the best thing that has moved is a couple of first round draft picks, and we don't even know who they will amount to.

Montreal moving Pleks yesterday was a tad surprising,  considering the Habs traditionally do nothing on deadline day.  

The is the first year in a long time that I won't be disappointed at the end of deadline day. That is mostly because I don't care.  It would take Pacioretty, Gallagher, or Price moving to make me care.  None of those guys are moving today.

I'm so ready for July 1.  That's the new and exciting deadline day.  Until then I'm ready for patio season and cheering on the Golden Knights in the playoffs. 

Can the Olympics come back?   Can we get in on these first round picks flying around?  Cmon!



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