Yesterday I Tried To Lower My Heart Rate And Then NFL Sunday Happened

Ever since Christmas I'm terribly out of shape.  I documented this a couple weeks ago in a post about running 7 K and then suffering 24 hours of painful regret.

Yesterday I thought I'd nestle in for an AFC Divisional game that would be anything but spectacular, and then Leo Fournette decided to have a career game and yes, Bortles wasn't bad either as the Jaguars SOMEHOW beat the Steelers to advance to the AFC Championship Game.  

THEN the Vikings get a solid 17-0 lead with a defense that is rock solid.  So what do I do?  I flip the channel...

By the time I tuned back into FOX the game was 21-20 Saints as Drew Brees just threw a clutch TD with about 3 minutes left.  

The next 30 minutes of my life are a bit of a blur.  Somehow the Vikings get back into FG position, and nail it, making the game 23-21 Vikings.  And then on a legendary 4th down Brees hits his man for FG position, and a clutch kick from Lutz to basically win the game for the Saints.  I'm already planning my Patriots vs. Saints slug fest at this point.

Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs with hardly any time on the clock and no time outs.....MONEY.  I was actually yelling at Diggs to get out of bounds to stop the clock and then I realized he was all alone going for the end zone.

What a day of football.  Can't wait until 3 PM Sunday.  



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