This Weeks Don't Look Now Team : The Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames have shot themselves up the standings and are currently on a 7 game winning streak!

Again, like last weeks don't look now team, the Flames are squeaking out wins against some of the leagues best teams including the Blackhawks, Kings, Ducks, Lightning, Wild, Panthers, and Hurricanes. 

This Flames team was built for the road.  They hardly lose when away from the Saddle Dome.  It's a shame the experts would rather talk about Jagr and the mess that has become.  They should be talking about how Johnny Hockey, All Star Snub Sean Monahan, and Matthew Tkachuck are tearing up Alberta hockey and SportsCentre highlight reels.  

Since every rock solid team in the league is hitting their bye week we won't see the Flames play again until Saturday against the rock solid Winnipeg Jets.  That'll be a great Hockey Day in Canada matchup.



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