Bettman Fired By Board of Governors For Being The Worst....Just Kidding...NO Olympic Hockey For Fans

God damnit Gary you really dropped the ball on this one, and I hope this is the eventual unravelling of your stint as commish.  

Where to begin....

The product the NHL is icing every night is terrible.  The league has been overstaffed with AHL caliber players for years now.  Couple that with teams that don't play hockey anymore (they play "systems") and you get a borefest almost every night.  In fact, the most entertaining NHL games of late are when two teams with crappy defence play against each other.    

I've spent some time thinking about how the NHL can have a rebirthing like the NBA has been experiencing in the 2010's.  

One of the great things about the sport of hockey is was international competition.  Each countries best players, no slugs, on the ice every game, over two weeks, putting everything they have on the line at 110%.  It's 110 times better than anything the NHL ices during a regular season.

Ask any millennial their favourite hockey memory and you'll get this answer:

Ask any Baby Boomer what their favourite hockey memory is and you'll get this answer:

Notice they are both international ice hockey moments.  

Nothing tops international competition in our sport and the Olympics are a true best on best tournament....not the World Championships in May.

Gary Bettman doesn't understand how to grow the sport.  He never has, and never will. 

I hope we look back on this moment as a catalyst for the eventual firing of Bettman.  And it just might come during the next round of CBA negotiations. 

Kiss this goodbye.

I'm sure the country that benefits the most from this decision is Russia.  The Olympics will be flooded with high level KHL players.  Perhaps this guy can do something to stop all this:


But then again.....maybe not:


There is only one way to end a day like this.  Enjoy the beautiful chorus:




We are fucked