Sens take 2-1 series lead #classy

In maybe the most satisfying playoff game ever for Senators fans the sens dominated play to the tune of a 6-1 victory. After Turris made is a 4-1 Michel Therrien decided to put his tough guys on the ice, Maclean responded with his own 4th line. In the ensuing line brawl the Senators would win 5 out of 5 five with Jared Cowen looking like he could have killed Ryan White if he really wanted to. The chippyness would continue with PK Subban jumping Kyle Turris and then continuing to punch him after he went down. Brendan Gallagher would then do the same with Cory Conacher who was still recovering from Rene Bourque AND Branden Prust elbows. Wow what a game.

JG Pageau was the hero scoring a hat trick and being first star. Why? because he lost a tooth ala Carey Price and Craig Anderson. cool

With 17 seconds to go and after a dirty 200 and change penalty minutes Paul Maclean decided to embark on some of the greatest NHL trolling of all time and called a time out, afterwards the Senators players would line up as far away from  the Habs players as possible "to avoid any further escalation". LOL didnt work as respectable Josh Gorges takes a page from Monsieur Alfredssons play book and shoots the puck at Kyle Turris. What a game

In the post game press conferences Therrien wasnt happy with the timeout calling Paul Maclean classless and disrespectful and saying that he tried to humiliate the Habs. Macleans response was that the Habs were doing a good job of humiliating themselves and didnt need his help.  fuck this is an awesome series.

Now usually with all the hype of the next game from fans the teams just go out and play a regular game with no rough stuff and try to regroup however I cant even guess whats going to happen next game as Eric Gryba returns from his 2 game suspension and im sure will be asked by Brandon Prust to drop the gloves.

Will be an interesting Tuesday night thats for sure.

Also Shanahan says there will be no supplemental discipline for Prust, Bourque or Subban. Not surprised that there wont be any suspensions but I thought Bourque would at least end up with a fine for his elbow. Oh well...


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