Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Week From Hell Is Over

Thank god.

We are nearly on a five game losing streak if it wasn't for a lucky couple of bounces Thursday night.

What the hell is happening!!  5-1 to the Washington Capitals???  I don't understand why this team is falling apart right now.  If this keeps happening we'll end up with the Leafs in the first round, and as awesome as that would be, I'd rather face the Islanders.  The playoffs are about winning, not fancy headlines.

Am I scared to play the Leafs?  Yes.  For some strange reason I have a feeling that the Leafs are going to have a bit of a playoff run this year (meaning second round may be probable).

Not only is the streak of AngryHabsFan living on for another week, this was the worst week that the Habs have played this season.  Losing mixed with awful goaltending mixed with having to honor the city of Boston (and rightful so), it has been very odd times in Montreal.

This week the Habs are in Jersey, Winnipeg, and Toronto.  I'd love to win every game so this team can have some confidence back for the playoffs but even two wins would be better than nothing.  Four out of Six points please.  Like, we really really need a couple of wins.

Hey if you're looking for something cool to watch in the sporting world today why not tune into some car racing!  Because the Blue Jays are god awful.  


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