It's 4-20 & It's Still The Regular Season.

The Leafs will adopt this logo tonight vs. The Sens.
Well kids, under the section of your hockey text books titled 'How NOT to finish the regular season' you will find a picture of the 2013 Montreal Canadiens.

The loss to the Penguins was expected.  The loss to Philly hurt.  Barely beating Tampa Bay was a disaster.  And the goaltending controversy?  Not helping the drama leading up to what is sure to be a headline filled couple of weeks in Montreal hockey, where of course, the sky will fall.

With that being said, can we please beat the Capitals?  And by beat I mean demolish them 5-1 or something?  This team needs some pep back in their step, and if they can destroy the red hot Capitals it may just do the trick.  Plus it's the last home game of the season, so it would be nice to win.  You know, before the Maple Leafs sweep us out of the first round.  Just kidding, but really.

When you arrive at the Bell Centre tonight you're bag is probably going to be tore apart, so if you plan on smoking it up, best to hide that stuff in a safer place.  Whoa, that is a really intensive way to put that after the drama this week.  CNN was just salivating all week.  And who hides in a boat? On dry land? In watertown?

Gametime is 7 PM.    


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