Hurricane Tonight

Satellite footage of the Canes travelling to MTL
I remember being in high school before the invention of TSN-Habs.  Heck, I remember my time at university and living in the capital where TSN-Habs was blocked out.  Don't they know 68% of people living in Ottawa are Habs fans from before 1992.  The point I'm making is that tonights game is on tv in French only.  It's a RDS night ladies and gentleman.  Some of you will hit mute, some of you will tune into TSN 690 for a delayed english audio feed, and some of you will just have fun with it.

My favourite thing about RDS was the Molson Export ads splashed all over the place.  And guess what, they worked!  I actually bought Molson Export for awhile so I could fit in with my fellow fans.  This year it appears as if Coors Light has taken over the product placement role on RDS.  Coors Light isn't very good beer (unless it's summertime, and it's free).  None of this really affects me because I haven't had a beer in months.  In fact, I usually have 1 to 2 drinks of vodka a week and that's it.  My alcohol consumption has essentially died over this winter.  I blame the lockout in the fall.

Getting back on track, the Hurricanes are in the Bell Centre tonight to get their asses kicked.  Game time is 7:30 PM.  The Canes aren't a half bad road team, and if you look way down the standings, no further, further, a bit more, there you go, you can almost make them out, battling for a spot with the Rangers.

It probably won't be an overly exciting game but Wednesday night will make up for that.  Until then let's get those two points tonight.

NOTE: AngryHabsFan probably will not appear here again until next Saturday.  A four day weekend really gave this thing some life for awhile.  Back to work.



Unknown said…
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Helen Betts said…
Thanks for the update on the weather! It's really important cause if it's a disaster outside, I'd better stay at home and write reviews rather that go out.


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