Back Again

Let's recap the week.

We were totally awesome and crushed the Hurricanes, we nearly beat the Flyers, we crushed the Jets from 3rd place to 10th in one game (because we're awesome) and we made no stupid moves at the trade deadline.  4 points out of a possible 6 and looking for two more tonight at home vs the Bruins.  Oh Babbbyyyyy.

It is about time these two teams met on a Saturday night instead of Wednesday!  Wednesdays are fun, but Saturday night on Hockey Night in Canada has a much bigger feel to it than TSN.  Sorry quizmaster.

So tonight at 7 PM these two teams will clash for the last time this season.  The game is in Montreal so don't expect it to out of control crazy, but you never know.

Catch the awful Blue Jays this afternoon at 1 PM taking on the Red Sox.  World Series team? Not quite.

Oh, and some Final Four action later today as well.

Go Habs Go!


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