We Have A New Pope In Time For Wednesday Night Hockey

Habs and Sens play each other tonight in Montreal.  The Sens have won 2 games this year against us, and we beat them 2-1 during an afternoon game February 3rd.  Tonight, they face off for the last time this season on Wednesday Night Hockey. 

This afternoon Blake Geoffrion announced that he is thinking about retirement after symptoms from his freak accident last fall have not subsided.  That's unfortunate.  In good news AngryHabsFan nailed a new job for the next few months.  Woo for money.

Game time is at 7PM tonight and if the Habs beat the Sens you can be sure to see some great looking ladies gracing the cover of the blog.  AngrySensFan can feel free to post photos of catholic nun's out of respect for losing to the BEST team in the East (even though the NHL schedule maker seems to favourite a certain bear logoed hockey team.)

After the game is over make sure you tune into HomeLand on Bravo.  The show is freaking amazing and full of hardcore nudity.

Go Habs Go!




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