This Week Sucked, Repeat It This Week Please

No penalty, because on partial breakaways we dive... 
Thank you Toronto.  Thank you for beating the Bruins.  Thank you for your game being 1 minute longer than ours so CBC could tune us all in to see the Bruins lose to the Leafs.  It was a bitter sweet moment in a week that definitely won't be going into the dvd collector edition of Habs games in the 2010's decade.

Three of six points.  Sadly, not enough.  I figured last Sunday we'd beat the Sabres in both games easy and drop to the Islanders like flys.  Apparently the opposite happened.  Regardless, we still sit in the same place we did last Sunday at this time, 2nd in the East.  Pittsburgh is going on a run that is basically taking a stab at the Blackhawks streak from the beginning of the season.  They are crazy good, and they play the wounded Flyers tonight on RDS.   

So yeah, the Penguins are really good.  Guess who our next game is against Tuesday night?  The Penguins in Pittsburgh.  Chalk that one up in the loss column.  Then Wednesday night we have another game.  Who's it against? Boston.  Chalk that up in the one of our good players is going to leave the game with a concussion column.  Then we have a two day break and play the Rangers at home.  Gotta have that game.  Six points up for grabs this week and since I've returned to being AngryHabsFan i'll just throw whatever I want out there.  Between the Penguins and Bruins I want to see at least 1 point.  We need more than that against these teams, and if we get the chance we can, but after losing to the Sabres twice in one week I'm a bit shell shocked.  And then beat the Rangers next Saturday night at home.  Three of six points is the call.  Same as what we did last week we need to do this week.  There is about a month left in the season and looking at the standings your Habs should be playing playoff hockey this year.

On a side note, where the heck is Prust?  I thought he was only going to be out for two weeks max?  It's been at least two weeks now and we need him for Wednesday night in Boston.  If he's not back it could be bad news.  Unless Alexei Emelin has another fit of courage and takes on Chara.

Note: This week should be less busy and you may actually see weekday posts on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  If nobody's heard from me by Friday night I am either dead or the Penguins and Bruins destroyed us and I'm curled up in a ball of shame.  Until then enjoy the bball games today.



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