Stop It

This is the only Cole that matters today.
Can we all please just stop.  Please.  I'm sick of hearing about Cole/Ryder in the media.  It was like 100 days ago and neither of these players are super stars.  LET IT GO!  Can somebody go out and party and have their photo taken, can Subban get himself into trouble, can someone come back from a concussion?  Yes, it's great, Ryder is back he used to play for us.  How many articles can be written about one single trade.

I guess that's what happens when the team is off since Wednesday and a bunch of beat writers are dying for a headline.  

Now that I got that out of my system we can focus on how Crosby is going to totally kill us tonight.  The kid was a Habs fan growing up and will probably have a ton of family at the game.  How does that work though?  Does he feel guilty scoring on his childhood team?

GOALLL!!! WOOOO!!! Crap.

Since the Penguins are signing his pay cheques I'm sure his heart isn't broken.

Gametime is 7PM on CBC and for the love of god can we please have Cole call the game. No NOT ERIK, BOB!  It's really not to much to ask for.  We are the national game tonight after all.  Sorry rest of Canada.

We better win tonight, I like being in first place.  Beautiful women as always if we beat the Penguins.


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