Start Spreading The News..

Sigh.  The New York Islanders?  What a waste of time.  If you lose to the New York Islanders your team mus............ohhh yaaa.  Thomas Hickey, rightttt.

Early start tonight in New York (sort of) as the Habs take on the Islanders which is almost guaranteed to be a huge bore fest.  Who I feel bad for is the guy at who had to write an exciting game preview for tonights game.  Oh, and as far as tickets sales go tonight in New York, you're welcome.

Did anyone catch 24CH last night on TSN?  The hotel exchange between Gallagher and Galchenyuk in Tampa Bay was classic.  Just a couple of young guys ripping on each other in the hotel room.  And when they got off the plane in Tampa their shirts appeared to missing:
If we can beat the Bruins for the love of god we can beat the Islanders tonight.  We need two more points!  These are the teams we've just gotta beat, let's get some revenge.  Pacioretty put this team on your shoulders again tonight.  If they sold your player apparel on I would buy it.  Price, for the love of god please come back to us again, we need you.

Sexy photos of ladies from New York if we win tonight.    



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