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Marc Methot left last nights game against the islanders and has been listed as day-to-day luckily it looks like he might miss one game maximum. Unfortunately that game he might miss is against the Bruins who we have a long shot at catching up to in the standings. The sens are currently 3pts back of Boston (Bruins also have 2 gms at hand) but a win Thursday could really put the pressure on the Bruins who had a very lax first half of the season and face a ton of back-to-backs to close out the year. That means less Tukka Rask and hopefully less points. So we have an outside shot at this. Otherwise the rest of this season could be very boring for Sens fans as its becoming more obvious that we can only finish as high as 5th in the Eastern standings despite having the 6th best record in the league. Yea you read that right. Because Boston and Montreal are so far ahead already its looking like a likely 5th place seeding and a divisional mathcup against one of those teams. Who knows tho maybe we fall to 6th and play one of the Jets or Hurricanes. PLease finish 6th please finish 6th.

Anyways Corey Perry signed for a lot of money with Anaheim dashing my hopes that he might come to Ottawa. Outside of Perry theres really no one im interested in the Sens pursuing (Dmen or Fwds) who I also don't think will resign with their respective teams. David Clarkson or Nathan Horton would be nice to add but they arent going anywhere and other than them and maybe Filpulla (who will re-sign with Detroit) theres no one im interested in that I think would fit well with this Sens squad. Would rather re-sign Latendresse and Gonchar. Gonchar by the way has been playing in beast mode lately and became the Sens leading scorer the other night. No longer can we afford to trade him at the deadline, in fact most people now welcome the idea of bringing him back for another year or two. Crazy turn of events for a guy everyone was sure would be gone this year.

We really need to find a defenceman though guys, if Methot doesnt play tomorrow we ice a defence of the following:

    Gonchar- Wiercioch

Thats 4 AHLers (although Wiercioch appears to be NHL ready), Gonchar, and Phillips whos been playing sheltered minutes all season. Not good. How about Dan Boyle? Hes an Ottawa native who appears to be on the trading block out of San Jose. He brings experience to a young squad and his contract expires at the end of next season. I dunno I think it might work. What if we put a claim in on Komisarek? He was recently put on waivers by the leafs and although I think he is not a super good player I think the fact thought we could get an NHL defenceman in exchange for nothing is pretty good. Plus he would add some grit to our team so we never have to see Matt Kassian and his terrible play again.



We are fucked