Here Comes Pruster Cotton Tail

So Prust is going to return the night we play the Rangers.  Why isn't that a surprise?  Why didn't we think of that earlier?  It makes perfect sense, and he'll probably have a big night.  Well we can hope anyway.

Gametime is 7PM on Hockey Night in Canada.  I'm really hoping that other New York team can beat the Penguins today.  We'd still be in first if it wasn't for their 14 game winning streak.  Who even goes on a 14 game winning streak? And why are there so many massive winning streaks this year?  And why do I sound like a cranky old man all of a sudden?  It's Penguins vs Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup this year anyway, everything else is irrelevant.

In the meantime we can start to imagine what our playoff run is going to look like.  Sunshine and rainbows until the Eastern Conference Finals.  Oh, and the way Budaj has been playing we may have another Halak in the making for this playoff run ;)

It's spring, it's Easter weekend, it's Holy Saturday if you're a Christian, and their is a full schedule of hockey this afternoon.

The Habs will rise again, it starts by getting Torts fired tonight.


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