Goodbye For Now First Place

Who's Hand Will That Be?
I am starting to develop a bit of a problem.  I can't remember the last time I sat through an entire Habs game.  Last night I saw the entire 1st period and Colby Armstrongs goal.  I saw bits and pieces of the 2nd period before being escorted off for the night.  I didn't see any of the 3rd period at all. Heck, I even missed the GSP fight in which he apparently destroyed Diaz in a match that wasn't even close.  It was a good night for Montreal sports and I was buried in the cold of rural Ontario.  Regardless, sometimes other things have to come before sports...or something like that.

Moving on, another week gone by and the Canadiens are still holding onto 1st place in the East.  I asked for  four of six points this last week to continue the streak of HappyHabsFan, and we brought home SIX FOR SIX.  Glorious days are upon us.  My daily routine now involves google mapping potential Montreal parade routes. 

This week we face the Sabres twice and the Islanders on Thursday night in a French only broadcast on RDS.  Six points are up for grabs and should the Habs be able to take home all six again? Yes.  Can they?  I'm not sure.  We've struggled against the Islanders this year and on Thursday we will be playing them in their home barn.  I pushed the limits last week by asking for four of six points and to avoid disappointment in New York I'm going to play it safe and ask for four of six points again this week.  Let's win two of these three games and move on.

The Habs will be unseeded from first place this afternoon when the Penguins hook up with the Bruins.  We will have a chance to reclaim our postion on Tuesday night against Buffalo, but until then we have to let it go for a few days.  If Pitt wins we drop to 2nd, if Boston wins we drop way down to 4th.

Let's go Crosby!

Happy St. Patty's Day, though if you drink on a Sunday outside of NFL season you are lame.

It's also selection sunday for the NCAA College Basketball March Madness tourney tonight at 6 PM.  Get your printer ink ready, we've got brackets to pencil in!

NOTE: AngryHabsFan daily afternoon posts will be moving to evenings due to work scheduling starting March 18th.  



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