Sunday, March 3, 2013

'Crazy Game, Eh'

Very fitting for last night.  Price's identity was stolen!
I missed most of last nights game on a date night.  I saw the movie Identity Thief with my girlfriend.  The reviews of the film were pretty bad but overall it was entertaining and a good reality distraction film.  I enjoyed myself.

When I arrived home I turned on the tv and the game was 6-6.  Yikes.  After learning Vokoun started for the Pens it made partial sense to me.  As the Penguins carried the puck into the Montreal zone I expected to see Budaj between the pipes.  It was Price.  It's safe to say from what I've read, and from what I've heard Price had an off night.  We probably could have won the game if Gorges and Subban were in postion on the overtime goal, but it's over now.

I said going into this week the Habs needed 4 of 6 points and they got that, so my streak as HappyHabsFan continues as we sit in forth place of the East (with a chance to reclaim top spot tonight in Boston).

Boston tonight, need 2 points.  New York on Tuesday, need two points.  Carolina on Thursday, I'd accept defeat. Lighting on Saturday, 1 point.  So, 5 out of 8 points this week is your benchmark from me for this road trip.  Steal the first two games this week and then when we drift down to bikini central take sometime and reward yourself.  Tonight, is all business though in Boston.  I'm not sure how rowdy the guys will be on a Sunday night, but I'd expect to see some decent scraps.

As per HockeyInsideOut check out the Top 10 moments in the Bruins and Habs rivalry:


Why are we doing this on a Sunday?

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