Comeback Kids

Three unanswered goals isn't the biggest comeback in Habs history but it sure was sweet!

Trailing 3-1 at one point in the game the Habs battled back and beat the Lightning 4-3!  The only horrible, freakish part was that Prust went down with what appears to be a shoulder injury.  I haven't checked around the interwebs yet today to see what the damage is, but I did hear he tweeted out that he would be back soon.  Please, define soon.

After surely celebrating last nights win the Habs are back in action today to take on the Panthers at 6PM.  If this whole time change thing hasn't been enough of a strain on all of our bodies then lets really throw everyone off with a 6PM game.  Bust out the tv dinner's again!  Or is it afternoon snacks?

Since it's Sunday it's time to recap the week and set the tone for this week.  I asked for 5 out of 8 points last week and we got 6!  HappyHabsFan continues for another week.  This week I'm raising the bar.  We've got the Panthers tonight, Sens Wednesday, and Devils next Saturday. I'm calling for four out of six points this week.  We need to beat the Panthers tonight, and then either the Sens or Devils later this week.  I don't care which team, as long as we win.

These Sunday night games are really getting weird, can we not do them again for awhile?

Puck drop on the slush around 6PM on Tsn-Habs.

Go Habs Go!



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