Canadians, Kassian and the Oilers

Tonight the Sens will play host the the first place (with 2 games at hand on the bruins) Canadiens. The Sens have been able to keep their games real close but have only pulled off one victory in the past 6 games (that was a guess btw don't quote me on it). The main reason for the lack of wins has been a lack of goal scoring. Since you win by scoring more than the opposing team in this wonderful game, it helps when you can score at all never mind more than someone else. Anyways, welcome Matt Kassian who will surely improve the Senators offense. He of 0G 0A for a whopping total of 0Pts. Well done BMurr well done. But seriously he was brought in to drop the gloves ala Matt Carkner, Zenon Kenopka, Bryan McGrattan etc. So probs tonight your gonna see a Kassian vs Prust brawl. Aight.

Im thinking Lehner is going to get the start again cause he's been really solid in his last 2 starts but theres still no word on who the definite starter will be. I expect another shootout loss for the boys in red because we can't score but also can't be scored against. Hey Kyle Turris score!

The Oilers


But seriously how many 1st overall picks do you need to start being good. Currently the Oilers sit near the bottom of the Western conference again. At some point Uncle Kevin Lowe has to realize he needs to add players through trade and free agency as well to his his squad a good mix of skill, grit, youth and experience. Oh well I dont care they can suck all they like I just wish they would share some of those 1st overalls once in a while.

Hey how shitty is the Eastern conference?Just seems like everyone sucks this year. The Sens have a terrible team on paper and yet they have the 4th best record in the East. Embarassing.



We are fucked

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